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Boxing & Fitness Training

Terry Southerland has been one of the most sought-after personal trainers and elite boxing coaches in the fitness-sports industry. Pro-fighters and weekend warriors alike come to him to train to their ultimate potential. He proudly serves New York City by honing the skills of those interested in maximum results and in raising their own personal bar. Feel free to contact Terry for a consultation; he will be better able to help you once you can discuss your fitness and nutritional goals.  Sessions are one hour, to an hour and a half in duration, and can be arranged at a local gym or at a client’s home. Individual, Semi-private and Group rates are also available upon request.

Payments accepted by check, cash and most major credit cards.

Pricing subject to change based on availability

It is prudent and recommended to consult your doctor before starting this, or any, diet and exercise program. Every care and precaution is undertaken when training all clients. Neither Terry Southerland, nor any affiliate, can be held responsible or liable for any injury sustained while training.

Current Training locations in Manhattan:


Professional Training & Private Groups

 Terry’s extensive knowledge of Technique and Teaching Methods makes him uniquely qualified to ‘teach the teachers’. He has led numerous seminars to certify trainers and help create a consistent level of professionalism and knowledge-base. He is also called upon to teach group sessions or speak as a master class presentation on different aspects of boxing and fitness. Check out the Products Page to see when his next event will be available.

Group Presentations

As a nationally-known, widely-respected professional, Terry Southerland has been asked to speak on the value of boxing outside the ring. His extensive knowledge of the benefits of the sport, and lifelong passion for fitness, make him the perfect guide for connecting these innovative tools to medical professionals who can use the techniques or strategies with their patients to create more effective treatment plans.

His most recent presentation, at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, Terry’s presentation centered on  ideas for incorporating boxing and fitness into mental health management and using boxing with clients challenged with ADHD, stress, anxiety and bi-polar disorder.

Consultant - TV & Film

Terry has worked in the entertainment industry to sculpt an actor’s role and authentic style for the specific model of a boxer. He consulted with Annie Liebovitz for Vanity Fair.  He's worked with actors such as Liev Schreiber, Frank Grillo, JW Cortez, and many others to have the skills and mindset for roles depicting boxers and warriors.

Boxing Camp Trainer

Featured Instructor in Gleason’s Annual Fantasy Boxing Camp

Gleason's Gym is the oldest active boxing gym in the United States. They have trained 132 World Champions, two Olympic Gold Medalists and hundreds of amateur champions. Each year in their Fantasy Boxing Camp, Gleason’s offers the opportunity for the public to train with their boxing heroes. The Camp includes four days of intense training with some of boxing's greatest champions. Join Carlos Ortiz, Terry Southerland, Iran Barkley, Mark Breland, Juan LaPorte, Alicia Ashley, Melissa Hernandez, Hector Roca, Yuri Foreman, Martin Gonzalez, among others.

The Camp usually includes intensive boxing discussions, coaching sessions, ring craft, sparring and training drills- with a showcase at the end in the Fantasy Camp Sparring Show. Professional and Amateur sparring partners are available to help with your training. Men, Women and children are all welcome. No previous boxing experience is necessary-they cater to all skill levels.