Client Testimonials

“Having Terry Southerland as my friend and trainer has been an integral part of my mental and physical health. Over the past few years, under Terry's guidance, I’ve achieved results that I never would have been able to achieve without him. Terry’s positive energy and absolute mastery of the sport of boxing is the perfect formula. His ability to break down and articulate super complicated techniques is possible only through a lifetime of experience. When it comes to sparring, I know that my greatest weapon is having Terry in my corner.”     

-Evan, Director (New York, NY)


"After more than 2 decades of having the honor and pleasure of knowing Terry, I can't sing his praises high enough! 

His attention to detail, the mindset to train and motivated people of all ages and abilities and professional demeanor, make him a hot commodity in an industry that is now over-saturated with so called "Fitness Pros." Terry has it all...the desire to listen to a client's needs and goals with humility, a sense of humor, an open mind and commitment to helping people."

                                                                                                                       -Sherri Weinstein,  LMT (New York, NY)


"Terry and I haven't been training long, but I knew, even after the initial minutes of our very first session -  that he was an exceptional teacher, and unlike any other boxing expert I had worked with before. I had been doing Kickboxing MMA for years, (and, honestly didn't think I had much to learn). Little did I know how far I would come in just a couple of sessions, under Terry's guidance! Terry helped me vastly improve my stand-up and physical conditioning, gave me strategic self-defense tools, new skills and confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn and get more fit in a fun, exciting way!”


– Grace, Artist (New York, NY)


“I’ve trained with Terry for almost 10 years, and he has always challenged, inspired and motivated me to become the best boxer and athlete I can be. Whether you aim to improve your fitness and get in better shape or you want to hone your skills to compete, Terry can help realize your goals and more. Genuinely warm, open and engaging, he can make the hardest workout seem a little less daunting and more fun, while at the same time respecting your limits while enabling you to overcome them.”    

 – Keith, Corporate IT Manager (New York, NY)